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I-44 Speedway - ACTIVE
Dallas County Speedway - ACTIVE
Midway Speedway - ACTIVE
Missouri Race Car Drivers - ACTIVE
Xtreme Racing Collectibles - ACTIVE
Marv's Racing Desktops - ACTIVE
Marv's Pit Photos - ACTIVE
Vanzandt's Auto Repair - ACTIVE
The Frame Shop - ACTIVE
Wolfco Corporation - ACTIVE
Family and Friends Center - ACTIVE
Power Surfers - ACTIVE
M. U. I. C. - ACTIVE
Veteran Resource - ACTIVE
Moore Motorsports - ACTIVE
Jeff Albright Jr - ACTIVE
Veteran Resource - ACTIVE
Musician Obituary - ACTIVE
Starbase 1321 - ACTIVE
Cedar Bluffs Reunion Center - ACTIVE
Lunatics C.B. Club - ACTIVE
Marv Central - ACTIVE

Designed Sites That Have Been Discontinued

Diggin' for the Truth - Marv Jurgens - No user activity
Iseman Racing - Amber Iseman - Driver Deceased
Lewis Custom Installation - Ben Lewis - No user activity
Allen Autosports - Sotty Allen - Business Closed
Hoover Motorsports - Gary Hoover - Business Closed
Cyberquest Computers - Marv Jurgens - Business Closed
Lewis Towing - Jonnie Lewis - Business Closed
Optical Dream - Marv Jurgens - Business Closed
Josh Portis - Josh Portis - No activity
Chris Stephens - Chris Stephens - No longer needed
On the Map - Debra Morris - Business Closed
SW Missouri Classifieds - Marv Jurgens - No user activity
Medicine Man Billards - Leona - Business Closed
Dallas Co. Community Center - Marv Jurgens - No Activity
Winterhawk Trading Post - Marlys Marsh - Owner Deceased
Mike Crocker #6 - Crocker Fan - Lost Her Domain
This & That Crafts - Georgia Jurgens - No Activity
Just Charmin Designs - Kathy Wrage - Owner took over
Just Fly Designs - Faith Dolney - Owner took over
Psytech Construction - Psytech - Business Closed
Psytech Communications - Psytech - Business Closed
Psytech Corporation - George Pruitt - Business Closed
George Pruitt - George Pruitt - No longer needed
Illuminati 2005 - George Pruitt - No longer needed
Mark Lewis - Mark Lewis - No longer needed



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